IRC の macrumors チャンネルより

Mudbug: Today – time to begin 3rd transition
Mudbug: constantly inventing best computers
Mudbug: move from PowerPC to Intel Processors
Mudbug: given to devs now for customers next year
Mudbug: Why another transition?
Mudbug: want best computers for end users
Mudbug: haven’t been able to deliver what we wanted
Mudbug: no powerbook yet –
Mudbug: not the most important reasons
Mudbug: looking ahead
Mudbug: PPC products yet to come
Mudbug: don’t know how to build with the future of PPC
Mudbug: PPC = PowerPC
Mudbug: performance for what – raw power?
Mudbug: future roadmap – 2006 & beyond
Mudbug: Intel roadmap is exceptional
Mudbug: tells us what we have to do
Mudbug: not going to be an overnight transition
Mudbug: will happen over a few years
Mudbug: great products now
Mudbug: great stuff in pipeline
Mudbug: introduce Mac for Intel processors next year
Mudbug: this time next year – plan is to ship macs w/ intel procs
Mudbug: complete transition by end of 2006
Mudbug: 2007*
Mudbug: whoops
Mudbug: PowerPC to Intel – 2 year transition
Mudbug: 2 major challenges
Mudbug: 1) making OS X think on intel procs
Mudbug: rumors about this
Mudbug: crowd laughs
Mudbug: rules are – design for OS X be processor independent
Mudbug: every release of OS X has been compiled for Intel x86 for the last 5 years
Mudbug: cross platform by design
Mudbug: from the very beginning
Mudbug: DEMO
Mudbug: all demos up to this point have been done on an intel proc
Mudbug: crowd amazed
Mudbug: everything is seemless
Mudbug: opens dashboard, mail, safari, widgets, etc.


MacRumor: Apple legendary in innovation of OS & Hardware design
MacRumor: Intel – legendary in delivering great processors – relentless persuit of better processors
MacRumor: "together at last"
MacRumor: important story with a very happy ending