via [wp-hackers] Final push for 2.1

この投稿は WordPress Hackers’ Mailing List の追っかけです。内容は WordPress ver. 2.1 のリリースに関して。

Can we realistically target the end of January(around the 22nd maybe) for a
2.1 release? We’ve been running the latest 2.1 bits on without incident, and bug reports seem to have slowed
lately. What, in your
opinion, is holding us back from a 2.1 release?

I’d like to bust a move on the remaining bugs, churn out betas and RCs as
needed, and get this damn release done.

Hop on #wordpress-dev and #wordpress-bugs and help get the final push to
release going.


このスレッドで1月末(あくまでも予定)への WordPress 2.1 のリリースへ向けて色々話が進んでるようです。2.1のAlphaやRCを使用していてもトラブルが無かったり,安定した運用ができている事,また,メジャー(目立った?/大きい?)なバグが無いという事で案外スムーズにリリースされそうな気がします。


A lot of issues can only be found once WP is deployed in quantity –
in order for that to happen we have to try to get as many people as
possible to use WP 2.1 before its *official* release.


Speaking of that, I’d like to graduate from “one who uses production releases only after they’ve been out for a month” to “one who sometimes deploys beta releases”, starting with the 2.1 beta.



However, that doesn’t mean that 2.1 is ready for release now, like Mark has been saying with the 2.0.6 issue, we need heavy testing _from the public_

“2.1(のオフィシャル)リリース前になるべく public(広く?)に使ってもらう必要がある“