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Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tapeのページで次期­MixedTapeに対する調査をやっていたので早速参加。 項目は PVは欲しいか ポピュラーな楽曲を多く入れるかどうか 挙げてある音楽のジャンルで好きな順番に並べ替え 楽曲に関する情報 (例えばアーティスト名だとか裏話だとか) は必要か…

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Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape vol.18

Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape のニュースレターより引用

The cream of the crop: Mixed Tape 18 with 10 all-time favourites from the popular compilation series

All good things come to an end – Mixed Tape 18 will be the last com­pil­a­tion in its cur­rent guise. To sweeten the blow, we have com­piled a very spe­cial best-of edi­tion fea­tur­ing 10 high­lights from our well-stocked archives – avail­able free of charge at www.mercedes-benz.com/mixedtape .

A delect­able dis­til­late of our most prom­ising tal­ents, Mixed Tape 18 throws a spot­light on Norway (R&B sing­er Kristin Hild), New Zealand (dub pro­du­cer Tubbs remixed by legendary com­pat­ri­ots Fat Freddy’s Drop), Germany (pop won­ders Wagner Love) and the UK (singer/songwriter Bev Lee Harling) to cel­eb­rate the wealth of young artists around the world who pur­sue their own vis­ions.

And while this trip to the past marks the end of a pop­u­lar format, it paves the way for future innov­a­tions.
Join us in the for­um to dis­cuss the next gen­er­a­tion of Mixed Tape, sched­uled for an autumn relaunch.

Enjoy the mix!

Your Mercedes-Benz Team

Mixed Tape serves as a plat­form for prom­ising new tal­ents who deserve our recog­ni­tion and sup­port. So, if you enjoy our tunes, please for­ward this news­let­ter to your music-lov­ing friends!

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昨日はCDを某 HMV でザクッと買ってきました。

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Galactic —ブランド or Glory の音楽事業部隊— のサイトは WordPress を CMS 的に使っている様子。…

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